Bitcoin Price LED 3D

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Ever wanted a mood lamp for your living room? With this Bitcoin Price LED lamp from now on you can stay up to date to the current Bitcoin price change. Depending on an increase or decrease in price the lamp will shine green or red. You can also just pick another color and use it as a static lamp – but what’s the fun in that?


You can even adjust the refresh rate, so that the lamp refreshes every 5, 15 or 30 minutes. A night mode and web interface to configure your lamp are the cherry on top. This is still a work in progress – look out for more features to come.


This contemporary 3D Bitcoin Price LED lamp was developed in cooperation with Egge. The construction consists of a Raspberry Pi Zero + Waveshare LED HAT and the pedestal on which the Bitcoin Symbol is mounted.




For more information about the lamp’s programing, visit github and view or download the open-source code.




Many thanks to Egge for this great cooperation!

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This STL File is Open Source. Enjoy printing!

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A transparent petg or pla filament

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