Stamping Template

protect your seeds, stamp your words

Safe your seeds with simple washers. All you have to do is to stamp your words on metal washers and slide them on a screw.

The result is very functional.


Now you have a little piece of metal full of washers bound together with a screw. You can hide it wherever you want. Some people drill a hole in the wall und hide it there but the way how you hide ist your decission.


This 3D printed stamping template helps to stamp the letters perfectly on the metal washers.


Feel free to print.

This STL File is Open Source. Enjoy printing!

You can’t print ?
Don’t worry, we can.



printing time in minutes


lenght of filament in meters


Whats the size of the washers?

This template is made for M6 DIN 9021 metal washers.

Whats the size of the stamps?

This template is made for 6x6mm stamps with a letter height of 3mm.

Will there be other sizes?

Its not planned for now. But you can download the stl file and edit this template.

Thank you for the support




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