The Ultimate Bitcoin Node Case

the perfect housing for your Bitcoin Fullnode

This is the Ultimate Bitcoin Node Case, an ideal enclosure for your Bitcoin full node.

The eye-catcher in your living-room. All components were printed out of PLA plastic.

In order to operate the Raspberry Pi in the case, the following basic requirements should be met.


These would be:


GeeekPi Raspberry Pi 4 Aluminum Heatsink with PWM Controllable Fan


Goobay 45402 USB-C 90° Angled OTG Super Speed Adapter for Connecting USB-C Charging Cables 


The temperature loads after a 3 month test are as follows:


Room temp. = 30 ° >>>>> CASE >>>>> Pi-CPU-temp. = 55-60 ° ~ 58 °

Room temp. = 27 ° >>>>> CASE >>>>> Pi-CPU-temp. = 50-55 ° ~ 51 °

Room temp. = 24 ° >>>>> CASE >>>>> Pi-CPU-temp. = 42-45 ° ~ 43 °


 (All temp. Information is without guarantee, the temperature depends on the room temp, humidity and circulation in the room as well as exposure to sunlight or other heat sources)



All information and statements are without guarantee, operating an electronic component in a plastic housing is at your own risk!


The case should not be exposed to direct sunlight!

Feel free to print.

This STL File is Open Source. Enjoy printing!

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