Dear fellow Bitcoiners

we are pleased you found your way onto our website.

We, hodlitems, are bitcoin enthusiasts who want to share their passion for 3D printing with the world.

For us the free access to information and knowledge is a vital aspiration. We believe that freedom, transparency and creativity are very important in a progressive and forward-thinking world.
That’s why we want to contribute to the open-source community with our development. Open Source is so much more than just free access to existing code. It’s the basis of a collective and like-minded effort, where everybody can take something free and develop their own out of it. Everyone can contribute and help create something awesome.

On the very basis of this idea, we want to make all our creations freely accessible, so that they can be used by everyone. Feel free to download the data, give gifts to your family and friends - make them happy or develop our 3D products further, however you wish. We just ask you to not sell them commercially and to support the open-source idea yourself.

Although our 3D developments are freely available, a lot of time and work goes into the designs. So if you'd like to support our work, feel free to send us some satoshis as a thank you.

Should you yourself have some awesome ideas to share, you are welcome to contact us - maybe we can work together in the future 🙂

Thank you very much for your time and attention. We hope you are enjoying 3D printing as much as we do.

With love from the Rabbit Hole,

Your hodlitems team

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